diabetes type 2: 10 signs that cannot be ignored

DIABETES Type 2 refers to diseases that can occur unnoticeably for several years. It develops due to an increase in the amount of glucose in the blood, which may be due to a decrease in the production of insulin by the patient’s body or the appearance of resistance to this substance in the latter. Symptoms of DIABETES Type 2 appear gradually. Quite often, the symptoms of this disease can be confused with signs of other common health problems.

The danger is that in this case, diabetes continues to progress, having a negative impact on the work of other important human organs: kidneys, heart, and brain. That is why it is so important to take seriously the appearance of suspicious symptoms, even if they do not seem dangerous to you. Today, we would like to talk about the 10 first signs of diabetes that accompany this disease in its initial stage of development, so that you can keep this important information in mind.

1-Weakness and fatigue :


Insulin deficiency or resistance to it disrupts the processes of glucose uptake by the cells of our body. Because of this, they are unable to convert glucose into the energy needed by humans for their daily activity. As a result, the patient begins to experience severe fatigue, both physical and mental. As a rule, even a good rest does not help him to get rid of fatigue.
On the other hand, such a symptom can worry people with excess weight. Other causes of fatigue can be dehydration and changes in blood pressure.

2-Sleep problems :

Fluctuations in blood glucose levels cause a person to have sleep disorders, which leads to the appearance of chronic fatigue. Type 2 diabetes sufferers often find it difficult to fall asleep, and their sleep becomes intermittent. It should also be noted that the risk of developing this type of diabetes increases in those people who sleep less than 6 hours.

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