makeup : 10 rules that help you look great without makeup

Naturalness has always been in fashion, and many girls spend a lot of time and effort to look with makeup as if without makeup. But if you follow some rules for self-care, then you can look great without a drop of makeup. Delta-Feed offers 10 tricks that will make your image a La Naturelle chic without Foundation, lipstick, and other cosmetics.

1-Get your eyebrows in order :

look great without makeup

Eyebrows on a face without makeup inevitably come to the fore. Give them the right shape, focusing on the shape of the face. If necessary, do the coloring with a stable dye or henna, using the shade that corresponds to the color of the hair. If nature has not rewarded you with chic brows, smear your hair daily with a mixture of castor oil and vitamin A — and in a few weeks you will notice their transformation.

2-Underline your eyes :

look great without makeup

To make the look more “open”, give the lashes a bend with a curler (Curling tongs), and then cover with a transparent gel. You can also use heavier artillery, making a build-up.

Get rid of dark circles under your eyes. To begin with, review your diet — they can be the result of a deficiency of iron or b vitamins (these elements are present in sufficient quantities in the liver of animals, red meat). For the skin around the eyes, choose creams with a bleaching effect or those that contain retinol. Cold compresses based on mint and green tea help well.

3-Whiten your tooth enamel :

look great without makeup

A sincere smile adds +100 to any image, so make sure that nothing prevents you from being attractive. Use bleaching pastes, especially after wine or coffee, just remember that such means should not be abused. If the tooth enamel naturally has a grayish or yellowish tinge, do professional bleaching.

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