13 Best Beauty Tips For Beauty Face Part 3

Beauty Face :

1-Bleachers away :

It is normal to use wax, thread, or plucking to get rid of excess facial hair but do not abuse bleach. Many women like to do bleaching because it gives them smooth skin immediately after application. But this is a very temporary effect, in the end, it will lead to problems with the skin of the face, and the hairs will grow darker and tougher.

13 golden Tips For facial beauty

2-Exotic oils :

Various Spa treatments with oils have a very relaxing effect on the skin to get a beauty Face. For example, when your skin flakes, the care of rosemary, Basil, and other herb oils will suit you perfectly. A professional in the salon will select the right composition of oils, make useful procedures, and you will return home refreshed and relaxed.

3-Mask of roses :

This may sound like a scene from an ad illustrating a girl in a bath of roses, but it affects! Collect a packet of rose petals, then RUB them into a paste. Add mustard seeds and a small amount of water (as a binder) to it. Apply this freshly prepared miracle mask to your face, and after a couple of treatments, your skin will regain its freshness, beauty face, and radiance. But be vigilant: purchased flowers are not suitable, as they are treated with a lot of pesticides, it is better to use rosehip petals or roses are grown in your garden.

4-Hairstyle :

This is quite funny, but thanks to changes in your hairstyle, your face can look very different. For example, if you have a long thin face, a short haircut with bangs will suit you, and if you have a plump face, try to grow long hair — it will visually elongate your face. If radical changes are not for you – experiment with styling: plait the original braid, tie a ponytail — a minute’s work, and the transformation is striking. This will change your appearance. Use hair accessories as needed.

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