diabetes: Don’t ignore these 10 early symptoms of diabetes

diabetes Signs

diabetes is often called the silent killer this is often because the early symptoms of this disease are very easy to miss Read this Article till the end.

1-Increased thirst and urination :

diabetes Signs

these are the most common symptoms of diabetes when you have this disease your kidneys can’t absorb all the surplus sugar in your body so it instead finishes up in your urine taking along with it fluids from other tissues this makes you pee more and leaves you feeling dehydrated to quench the thirst you drink more which results in even more frequent urination and it’s just a vicious cycle how often is too much of course we’re all different with our activity levels and fluid intake but the average healthy person urinates 6 to 7 times each day or up to 10 times in some individuals but if someone notices their trips to the toilet becoming more frequent than their norm and it’s interfering with day-to-day life it could be a red flag to see the doctor.

2-Increased hunger :

diabetes Signs

along with increased thirst and urination constantly feeling hungry is that the third commonest sign of diabetes if your body doesn’t produce enough or any insulin or if it isn’t responding to it in the normal way it can’t convert food into the glucose your cells use for energy and that causes increased hunger that doesn’t go away even after eating only makes the blood sugar even higher which makes the whole situation worse if you keep eating but your hunger persists you should consult your physician even if you seem to not have any other symptoms of diabetes

3-Chronic fatigue :

diabetes Signs

when you have diabetes you feel weak and tired all the time for the same reason that you always feel hungry your cells aren’t getting enough glucose to use for energy dehydration caused by frequent urination also contributes to the present exhaustion plus having to awaken throughout the night to use the toilet doesn’t exactly allow you to get healthy restorative sleep as a result of all this your body is just drained of energy, chronic fatigue also makes you easily irritable because while who would feel chipper under these circumstances fatigue can be a symptom of many other conditions some not even medical a carb-heavy diet too much caffeine aging but when combined with the other symptoms from this list it could be a sign of diabetes.

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