Natural makeup for every day: step-by-step for beginners

Makeup natural for every day :

Over the past few years, natural makeup has been at the peak of popularity. Natural makeup is preferred by ordinary girls, as well as show business stars and beauty bloggers. Thanks to this technique, the effect of cleanliness, freshness, and naturalness are created on the face. According to men, this makeup looks restrained and sexy at the same time. To learn how to do makeup at home well, quickly and beautifully, you should have high-quality cosmetics and know how to handle them.

Natural makeup

Natural makeup is suitable for all girls without exception

Features of natural makeup

Natural makeup for every day has several distinctive features, including:

  • Natural makeup is called “makeup without makeup“. It involves the careful alignment of the skin, masking errors. Your face should be nice and clean.
  • Natural makeup accepts the absence of shadows on the eyelids.
  • Contouring is minimal here. You can opt-out of bronzer and highlighter. Therefore, even a novice in the business of makeup can cope with natural makeup.
  • The relief is created due to blush. They also give the image softness and freshness.
  • Beautiful and simple makeup for every day does not need bright-colored cosmetics. Because of it, the face will look older, the purpose of a natural make – up is to make the face look younger.
  • The natural makeup type is the basic one for all other makeovers.

Step-by-step instructions

To perform simple makeup that will refresh, rejuvenate the face, you will need special cosmetic products. Among them:

  • primer;
  • Foundation;
  • powder;
  • eye shadow, mascara, brow gel;
  • eye shadow;
  • lip balm.

For applying cosmetics, use brushes with artificial and natural lint, a beauty blender.

Additional information. Many people prefer to apply cosmetics with their fingertips. Professionals say that this option is acceptable, but with the help of brushes or a beauty blender, you can achieve easier styling of products on the skin.


The primer is also called a base for makeup. This product is a relative of Foundation but has a more pronounced effect. It smooths out irregularities, removes errors in the form of enlarged pores, acne, redness, irritation, etc. The product prepares the dermis for applying the rest of the cosmetics. On the primer, the Foundation, concealer, powder, and other products are laid flatter. Makeup with a primer is more resistant.

Makeup artists and cosmetologists advise you to choose a base based on your skin type. For oily dermis, a mattifying primer is suitable, which removes greasy Shine, narrows pores, eliminates redness, etc. For dry dermis, moisturizing products are produced. They do not dry the epidermis, on the contrary, saturate it with useful moisturizing components. There are also products for combination and normal skin.

On the shelves in the store, you can find both colorless and colored makeup bases:

  1. A colorless primer is most often intended for normal skin without visible flaws. Its main task is to even out the tone and give the dermis a healthy appearance.
  2. A primer with a green tinge is recommended for use on problem areas. It perfectly copes with toning acne, blackheads.
  3. A base with a pinkish tinge is needed for tired skin. It gives inner radiance and freshness.
  4. The product with a Sunny tone hides dark spots, circles under the eyes, bruises.
  5. The primer with a natural tone eliminates peeling, removes fine lines, and heals the skin.
Natural makeup

Primers for the face flatten the tone and mask skin imperfections

The primer should be applied to a cleansed face 10 minutes after applying the day cream. With the help of a beauty blender, it is carefully driven into the entire surface of the face, including the area under the eyes. The effect is noticeable immediately after the application. Many girls use a primer instead of a Foundation.

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