skin and hair 12 best Tips will be grateful

Skin & hair Beauty tips in our time are not given only by the lazy. Social networks, magazines, and television are full of all sorts of recommendations. However, if you follow them indiscriminately, the result may be the opposite. And in some cases, these beauty tips can be just dangerous for your health.

skin and hair

1- A Solarium is safer than the sun :

According to a Harvard study, the radiation of lamps in a tanning bed is almost three times stronger than that from the sun. So this myth is misleading and dangerous for your health. Unfortunately, not all salons change old lamps when their expiration date has already expired.

2- Tone your oily skin with alcohol :

If your skin is prone to excessive oiliness, you will want to use alcohol to dry it quickly. But that’s not a good idea. When applied to the face as a tonic, the dermis will become dry and dehydrated. The skin, in turn, begins to produce even more fat for protection and self-esteem. So the process becomes endless. The most reasonable solution is to use cosmetics for your skin type.

3- The more often you comb your hair, the more beautiful it will be :

Frequent brushing of your hair will not make it longer or shinier. Dr. Paradi Mirmirani, a dermatologist at the Vallejo medical center in California, warns that excessive brushing can damage curls.

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