Weight loss the best exercises : TOP 7 of the most

weight loss Exercises :

Have you ever wondered why so many men and women want to lose weight? There are reasons for this. Some people agree that dropping 10-12 kg will make them look much better. Others can not restore order in their personal lives and claim that the fault is all overweight.

The third (we are talking about ladies) is planning a vacation, they dream of the sun, the sea, and, of course, a bikini. And also-about new and stylish clothes, which do not make sense to spend money on yet. How can I safely lose weight and keep it normal? We’ll talk about it later.

Where does the excess weight come from?

We have met different people along the way, and each of them has different answers to this question. Most of the people we talked to think that being overweight is inherited, and they give up on this problem and do nothing to change it. “My grandmother was full, my mother is full, and I will be so” – such expressions have to meet and on the forums.

But whether the extra pounds are transferred in inheritance from their parents? No. If this is not due to any disease (you can not do without visiting a doctor), then the reason lies in the wrong lifestyle and nutrition (this is from personal experience). As they say, the law of physics has not yet been canceled: the energy consumed must be spent, but if it is not spent, then it is saved “in reserve”. Usually on the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

What weight is considered normal?

weight loss

If you do not take into account the physique and personality of the body, then the ideal weight can be calculated using a simple formula. Men should subtract 100 from their height (in centimeters) and multiply the resulting figure by 0.9. For example: 180 cm-100 = 80×0.9=72. So, the weight limit for your height is 72 kg.

Women can calculate their weight using a similar formula, only the place 0.9 needs to be multiplied by 0.85.
Normal weight (not ideal) can be calculated if you subtract 100 from the height.

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